About Us

JB's CBD was formed in 2019. The idea for JB's CBD came from years of hearing that Cannabis is natural and helps people. This is something that I didn't grasp until after August 2019, when my cousin, Jared B., was killed. He was on his way to making his brand and vision known to the world, but unfortunately was tragically taken away by senseless gun violence before his vision could fully shine and be seen. For many years when I would have something to say about Jared smoking, he would always tell me how it is natural and that one day it will be legal, he was right.

After his death I began to do some research and I decided that with all the medical issues that my mother was having, why not let her try CBD. I introduced her to CBD gummies and I watched her improve. I then made the decision that it was time to offer everyone the option to try different CBD products to see what works for them. This decision led to the creation of JB's CBD, in honor of Jared and his vision to showcase Cannabis to the world.
Our mission here at JB's CBD is to offer you the opportunity to order different top brands of CBD products that might improve the different aspects of your life. We have partnered with companies that take pride in their products, 3rd party test all of their products and actually give you the amount of CBD that they advertise. If you find that one manufacture makes better gummy’s, but another makes better pet CBD products, you can conveniently shop and place your entire order all in one online shopping experience.